You need to prepare before auditioning…

This especially holds true if you are going to a community theater or professional audition. In other words, if time allows, practice, practice, practice…until your material becomes second nature.


If you do make a mistake…please do not get upset or mad at yourself.

We are all human and it is OK to make a mistake. Simply get yourself together, and start from where you left off. Most of the time the people for whom you are auditioning will be more than understanding. If they are not, you should not be upset about not working with unkind people

Last but not least, remember, smile, be confident, and be yourself.

Everyone learns something from every audition they attend and the more they audition, the better they will become at auditioning. So please relax…and have fun

Get in touch for coaching to help with your auditions…..whether its for a local panto, school production, choir, music theatre college, music degrees, or talent shows!

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