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Sorry I forgot to thank you on stage but to make amends, thank you for giving us the confidence and the opportunity to sing on stage today. We loved it and spent the hour after discussing next year’s set list!
I’m back at the venue now enjoying the sun and the music. It’s a lovely little festival.




Toby performed with his daughters Millie and Edie at Hallatonfest 2017

Thank you very much for all the teaching you have given me over the last 18 months and for helping me get back into playing the cello again after all these years.  Also I’m very grateful for your help in getting through the Grade 5 theory exam.

All the best,


Clive Foote

Cello Player

Dear Gail, Thank you so much for working so hard to perfect the music for our wedding. It meant so much to us that you were able to be part of our ceremony – thank you.

Jo and Ollies Eames

Bride & Groom

Miss Bater has been cello tutor to my daughter (11yo) for just over six months and has recently sat her theory grade 2 examination and passed with room to spare. This is a paper that we’ve failed once in the past (under a previous tutor); we do feel that she was better prepared this time around.

One aspect of Miss Bater’s approach that works well is that she is thorough in her lesson preparations and provides a weekly email outlining the progress (and areas that need more focus) and home work/practice needed to help maintain impetus. I like this as it means I can help with my daughters focus/progress as I am aware of what her current position is. Miss Bater has recently rekindled my daughters enjoyment of singing by introducing an aural aspect to her lesson and I get the feeling this is also helping the enjoyment factor.

As my daughter also plays in the school orchestra, hence performs in musical events at school, Miss Bater is happy to communicate with the music department directly. This year, with Miss Bater’s support and encouragement along with the Head of Music at the school, my daughter performed her first cello solo for the school. This was a Christmas concert and whilst the piece played was a relatively short one, she really enjoyed the experience. This support and encouragement really helps my daughter maintain interest and willing to get involved in these events.

Lastly and most importantly, my daughter enjoys coming to see Miss Bater. I’m sure this will continue to be the case and we’ll progress steadily along the grades, both in practice and theory.

I would have no hesitation to recommend Miss Bater.

John Pope


May I say how pleased and impressed I am by all you are doing for West Buckland School’s music. Your own personal performance was impressive, and Mr Richards(Head of Music) has told me on more than one occasion how well you perform your role as leader of the cello section in the orchestra. He is delighted by the serious way you take this responsibility, and the quality of musicianship displayed by your fellows in the cello section reflects this. The orchestral playing at Tuesday’s concert was of a high standard and you played a full part in this.

I hope you are enjoying your music as much as those who listen do. Have a well-deserved holiday

John Vick

Headmaster, West Buckland School

Gail has been providing my 9 year old daughter with singing lessons at our home. My daughter loves singing and Gail’s lessons have really improved her technique and the quality of her voice. She looks forward to every lesson with much enthusiasm. She gets so much out of the lessons, both enjoyment and emotionally. We hold Gail in such high regard and would strongly recommend her to anyone looking for a singing tutor. In my daughter’s own words…”Gail is kind, friendly and fun. She has helped me improve my singing and gives constructive criticism. Singing lessons are fun and they allow me to express my feelings.

Kate Askew

Parent, Overdale Junior School

Gail has been tutoring me for the last five months. In that short space of time my confidence has been boosted, my projection has improved and I have learnt new songs and new techniques to help my singing. I would recommend Gail because she is calm, patient and knowledgeable.


Age 10, Overdale Junior School

My children are enjoying Gail’s singing lessons and also learning from them. For me it’s not just about the singing, it’s about them gaining confidence and finding a way to get more out of music. The lessons are well structured but also great fun.


Overdale Junior School

My children have thoroughly enjoyed their lessons with Gail Bater. It’s such a joy to hear them practicing around the house and lovely to see them so keen to learn! Seeing them perform at the Christmas Carol Service made me very proud! Thank you.

Nisha Ravat

Mum, Overdale Junior School

I really enjoy my singing lessons because we sing fun songs like ‘Happy’ and ‘When my Aunt Came Back’. I like Gail because she teaches us about how to sing well, like breathing exercises. I got 18/18 for my aurals in my Grade 1 Piano exam which made me very proud!


Pupil | Aged 9, Overdale Junior School

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